Perfume by Djamila

Djamila is a Dutch vlogger. With more than 1 million followers on her YouTube channel, Djamila is a big name in the vlogging world for teen girls.

Dream by Djamila is a scent of freedom and happiness. A tribute to the beauty of life.

The Eau de Parfum is enchanted with precious, natural ingredients such as pallida de Florence-Iris, Sambac Jasmine Absolu, Orange Blossom Absolu and patchouli, which are enveloped by gentle gourmet notes. A unique fragrance character.

Be a Star byDjamila is a youthfulandsweetscent. The fragrance, made forwomen, combines eleganceandfunin a greatway.

The Eau de Parfum makesyoufeel happy, sweetandconfident. The warm notesof whitemuskadda littlebit of elegancetotheperfume.

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Unlimited by Yes-R

Dutch rapper, entertainer, presenter and actor… Yesser Roshdy, better known by his artist name Yes-R, is an all-round performer!

Unlimited by Yes-r is a scent for modern men who want to emphasize their strong, confident character with sensuality and elegance.

Combining notes of bergamotte, coffee, cedar and leather, the eau de toilette has an exclusive and long-lasting scent character.

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Curiosity by Melissa Sneekes

Melissa Sneekes is a Dutch female DJ and model who represented The Netherlands in Miss World 2007 in China.

Curiosity by Melissa Sneekes is made of Bulgarian roses, which hit Italian bergamot. Notes of Iris complete the floral heart.

Blending vanilla and leather the scent is a new interpretation of a very feminine and sweet fragrance, which thanks to a kick of citrus doesn’t appear too playful or youthful. The elegant and very warm perfume combines two classic female fragrances, rose and vanilla, and certainly they come perfectly together.

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Doll by Reinders

Reinders is a Dutch Fashion label owned and designed by the twin sisters Julie and Marie Reinders.

Doll by Reinders is enchanted with delicate, sensual and sweet romantic notes for contemporary women.

Floral notes of the heart highlight a romantic and cheerful character which makes the Eau de Parfum perfect for all occasions. The fragrance is available in a characteristic bottle. White colour and black details were selected to make Dolla recognizable Eau de Parfum.

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Perfume by Tai & Jon

The brand Tai & Jon is based in Spain. And is sold by perfumery chain “Primor” which is characterized by the wide variety of fragrance products.

The newest line from Tai & Jon has been developed by Next Generation Perfumes, from concept to production.

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Perfume Love by Amanda Balk

Amanda Balk has her own reality soap on Dutch television. The reality star has also been renowned for het extravant look.

Love by Amanda Balk is a sensual scent which emphasizes all facets of femininity.

The fragrance opens with a mix of oriental, salty and vanilla notes placed on a base of jasmine, sandalwood and amber.

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Perfume by IT’S Me Akke Marije

And the winner is… Akke Marije Marinus is Holland’s Next Top Model winner in 2016. She wins a modeling contract with Touche.

It’s me by Akke Marije is a scent of joy and freedom.

Combining the floral notes of jasmine, orange blossom, iris and patchouli, the fragrance has an exclusive scent character for any woman.

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